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Turn you Invention into a Profit. To help protect your new idea Inventor Start® offers several down loadable invention inventor products and provides invention information (under the tab Blog above) to help you (an inventor) get started with your ideas and inventions.

Free Invention Kit

Invention Compass - Get Started

Free Invention Kit Download
Get Started! Free Invention Kit is a digital download of easy to follow instructions and invention form to privately documenting your invention for your own safe keeping.

Inventor Start® Kit

Inventor Start Kit logo Inventor Start®Kit Download
Inventor Start Kit™ is a digital download of easy to follow information & instructions for inventors, including documents and forms for privately documenting your invention for your own safe keeping, learn how to perform a patent search & trademark search, and how to perform product research. These are the must do first steps for every inventor!

Invention Confidentiality Agreement

Inventor NDA Form Invention Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) Download
Beware. Protect the disclosure of your invention and ideas! Invention Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a digital download of easy to follow NDA documents including NDA information & inventor instructions regarding disclosure of your invention, sample of existing NDA agreements for your review, and your own ready to use NDA Form (a confidentiality agreement/non-disclosure agreement) to protect the disclosure of your idea, invention and drawings (confidential information).

How to Market an Invention

How to Market your Invention Market an Invention Download
Market an Invention is a digital download of easy to follow steps to market your invention. To market an invention successfully takes time and effort to develop industry knowledge in a particular field and to cultivate contacts and decision makers within the same industry. Learn how to prepare marketing materials to promote your invention to a potential licensee of your invention. A step-by-step procedure on how to find industry contacts, prepare marketing materials, and market your invention to potential licensees (sell an invention for a per unit royalty).


 Invention Inventor

By Mat Grell, Patent Attorney